Super Mario 3D All-Stars update adds GameCube controller support to Sunshine

Nintendo has released a new update for Super Mario 3D All-Stars which adds in another fan-requested feature: GameCube controller support for Super Mario Sunshine.

Nintendo Switch supports the GameCube controller via its separate adaptor, and Sunshine was made to be played by the GameCube’s controller – which led people to wonder why it wasn’t possible to play Sunshine as intended.

Thankfully, Nintendo has listened – as it did with the introduction of an inverted controls option, which is also now available.

But while inverted controls are now available for Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy, the GameCube controller support is just for Sunshine.

Obviously, you’ll need a GameCube controller adaptor to plug in your old pad, and you’ll need to be playing on an original Switch in TV mode, rather than in handheld, or on a Switch Lite.

Now, how about that patch to add Galaxy 2?